Project Management Specialist (Decentralization)

1053 Les Berges Du Lac Walkway, Tunis, Tunisia

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Basic Function of the position

The Decentralization / Local Governance Specialist, a Cooperating Country National (CCN), will serve as a program manager and technical advisor on issues related to decentralization and local governance. Programs mainly focus on institutional strengthening, policy and regulatory reform, oversight and accountability, public financial management, municipal service delivery, administrative reform, and participatory and community planning.S / he must have a deep understanding of Tunisia's government and political system built through years of practical experience and relevant experiential learning-by-doing in his / her capacity to serve as a development advisor for decentralization and local governance in Tunisia A demonstrated understanding of the inter-relations between Tunisia's institutions, parliament, and political system is necessary for the job, as is a deep understanding of relevant laws related to decentralization and sub national governance. S / he will report to the Democracy and Governance (DG) Office Director for USAID / Tunisia.

The position will require close collaboration and coordination with other USAID technical offices in USAID / Tunisia, and US Embassy Tunisia's Political Section. S / he must be able to build and maintain an extensive network of contacts and work with officials in the United States Government (USG), the Government of Tunisia (GOT) line ministries, governors, mayors, municipal councils, political parties, civil society organizations, media and other donor stakeholders. The Specialist will work to ensure collaboration and coordination of other international and domestic projects related to decentralization in Tunisia. The Specialist will be responsible for research, information gathering and analysis and reporting on sub-national governance and decentralization-related issues, laws,

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Program Management, Administration and Monitoring & Evaluation (40%)

  • Serve as AOR / COR or alternate AOR / COR of one or more USAID-funded DRG projects in Tunisia, particularly those related to decentralization and / or sub-national governance.
  • Participate in the design, development and review of new projects and activities, studies, and project evaluations.
  • Review contractor and / or grantee products and track performance of project (s) against the work plan, performance management plan, and USAID / Tunisia development objectives and indicators.
  • Conducts field visits to project sites across Tunisia for the purpose of monitoring the implementation and progress of project (s). Prepares meeting / event / trip reports and supplements these with oral reports to the DG Office Director, the Mission Director and, as required, other internal USG stakeholders.
  • Gathers and prepares information for reporting to Mission leadership, USAID / Washington, US Embassy Tunis Offices and others as requested.
  • Contributes to internal USAID / Tunisia discussions and drafts documents related to project implementation and new designs.
  • Assists with the development of briefings for USAID / Tunisia, Embassy and other stakeholders (eg, temporary duty staff, representatives from non-government organizations, delegations, other donors, etc.)
  • Maintains an organized and professional work environment at all times, meeting USAID file management requirements.
  • Performs other duties, as necessary to support the implementation of DRG Office projects and portfolio.

Policy Analysis & Project Development (30%)

  • Conducts analyzes of current and proposed GOT policies, from the perspective of strategic USG interests and USAID development objectives.
  • Assists with strategic analyzes of national, regional and local policies in Tunisia and assesses how they can be better integrated in order to reinforce USAID's and the broader USG's objectives and goals.
  • Participates in sector assessments and / or studies.
  • Provides policy guidance to the DG office director on decentralization, sub-national governance, and / or parliamentary affairs.
  • Acts as the USAID's resident expert for Decentralization, national and sub-national governance, and related policies and laws.

Communication, Outreach and Liaison (20%) 

  • Contributes to the development of USAID / Tunisia reporting and other products including operational plans, performance plan reports, CDCS, initial environmental examinations, congressional budget notifications, integrated country strategy, and other DG sector products.
  • Prepares weekly updates, briefing papers, reports and press releases as assigned as well as specialized documents on decentralization and sub national governance as needed.
  • Ensures professional-level communication with USG and GOT officials, civil society, political parties, media and other donor representatives, to provide issue-oriented briefings and presentations, as needed.
  • When necessary, provides occasional interpretation, note-taking, and meeting readout support.
  • Maintains knowledge of DG project objectives, accomplishments, and development impacts to synthesize in writing or in briefs upon demand, especially for meetings, speeches, background papers and other USAID reporting requirements.
  • Ensures the DRG team is informed of current events that affect program implementation and / or impacts DRG activities.
  • Draft success stories and other communications pieces related to decentralization and local governance.

Financial Management and Procurement (10%)

  • Prepares or assists with preparing procurement related materials including statements of work, program descriptions, independent government cost estimates / budget estimates, selection criteria, etc.
  • Serve as a member of the technical selection committee (s) when needed.
  • Assist in the development and / or technical review of project budgets including cost effectiveness documents.
  • Tracks project related financial expenditures, and prepares accrual and expenditure projection reports.
  • Prepares procurement requisitions, funding analysis, and other relevant financial documents.
  • Maintains complete and auditable files of all procurement and project documents (contracts, grants and other procurement supporting documents) in line with USG requirements.

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