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  • Hiring part time English language coaches. Looking for unique and bold personalities to join a young and growing community. Schedule your own hours, choose your preferred work location. Entry level position with opportunity for growth. Bonus structure to reward top performers. Experience Welcome, basic training provided.


  • Home School has a new approach to English learning which is quickly gaining popularity in Tunis. Looking for inspirational and forward thinking coaches to join the movement. Founded in 2018, Home School is building an energetic and vibrant core of coaches to carry the company forward.

Responsibilities / Duties

  • Conduct Demos & Sessions - with positive, honest and welcoming demeanor in order to build long term trust with your customers.
  • Maintain excellent record of punctuality & reachability during your tenure working as a Home School coach.


  • Your earning potential is unlimited at Home School.
  • Upon hire, Home School coaches will receive an oral test and a level assessment. Coaches will be compensated monthly according to this rating. Specific numbers will be explained during the recruitment process.
  • In addition, Home School coaches are rewarded by longevity. Longevity of the customers you retain will directly result in higher compensation.


  • Must have a strong command of the English language. All communications at Home School will be in English.
  • Punctual and Organized individuals able to manage multiple customers and provide exceptional service.
  • Teaching or Sales Experience a plus.
  • Excellent Communication skills and a friendly personality.
  • Ability to adapt to new situations and personalize lessons for each customer.

Ideal Candidate

  • Home School is looking for talented, driven coaches who love speaking English and love to see others do too. Coaches who can communicate well and manage their responsibilities effectively will have the greatest opportunities at Home School. Customer service, honesty and integrity are expected qualities of a coach.

Extra Points

  • We are looking to build a community, looking for people who are looking to help a build a community, if this is you, feel free to include this in your application video.

All qualified candidates must use this link to apply

For any questions, please contact Kevin - 93 122 459

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