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The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is funding the five-year (September 2018 – August 2023) Ma3an project, implemented by FHI 360, which works with 33 communities in 15 governorates across Tunisia. 

USAID Ma3an’s program goal is?to increase youth participation in civic and political life, address youth grievances, and prevent radicalization in Tunisian communities vulnerable to violent extremism. To achieve this goal, Ma3an applies a community-driven model for preventing and countering violent extremism and seeks to advance two objectives:? 

  • Objective 1:?Youth are equipped with skills and engaged in civic actions with local actors to address their communities’ needs and grievances (Positive Youth Development – PYD).? 
  • Objective 2:?Tunisian capabilities to prevent and counter violent extremism (VE) are enhanced (Preventing/ Countering Violent Extremism – P/CVE). 

Ma3an is pleased to announce the release of this Annual Program Statement (APS) to launch grant activities that are expected to build upon Ma3an’s work in 33 communities (in 15 governorates) where Ma3an started working and expand its reach to the remaining governorates of Tunisia. Through this Annual Program Statement (APS), Ma3an intends to?add to its existing activities and local partnerships by?supporting? civil society organizations and for-profit entities from the different regions of Tunisia to lead initiatives that have a “National impact” and that serve to?engage youth, individuals, informal groups, coalitions, and/or media to:

?1. design and implement P/CVE communications activities;

2. further knowledge management, networking and collaboration among P/CVE activity implementers in Tunisia;

3. advocate for positive youth development and locally-led P/CVE initiatives;

4. strengthen the P/CVE programming capacity among Tunisian CSOs and institutions;

5. Promote Tunisian women’s participation in P/CVE efforts; and

6. Providing youth vulnerable to VE with sports and recreation activities.  

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Organizations interested to apply to this Annual Program Statement should download the full solicitation document attached for more details about the project, application process and the application: 1. Annual Program Statement 2.Concept Note Deadline: July 26
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