Cultural Heritage Researcher (Tourism)

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1.                BACKGROUND


The USAID-funded Visit Tunisia Activity is a 5-yearproject designed to enhance Tunisia’s tourism potential, with the goal ofgenerating revenue and jobs, particularly for women and youth, and forpopulations in underserved regions of the country. The overall vision behindUSAID’s investment in Tunisia’s tourism sector is to capitalize on Tunisia’snatural, cultural, heritage and historical sites to develop a more diversifiedand high-quality tourism sector that contributes to broad-based economicgrowth. Through this activity, USAID seeks to contribute to Tunisia’s growthand development to offset the negative economic impact of the coronaviruscrisis. 


2.                POSITION DESCRIPTION


The Visit TunisiaActivity is partnering with the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and CulturalHeritage to develop cultural heritage tourism in target geographic areas. Thesegeographic areas are still to be confirmed, but potentially include the following areas: Djerba, Dahar, Kairouan, Sousse,Tabarka, and Tozeur.Smithsonian’s tourism product development process utilizes research andpresentation methods developed over more than 50 years of producing theSmithsonian Folklife Festival, where tradition bearers from around the worldpresent their traditions to the American public. Through these methods,Tunisians will share their own living and evolving cultural traditions andpractices with visitors, contextualizing cultural heritage within their ownpersonal and community history. This approach ensures that visitors walk awaywith a deeper, more nuanced understanding and appreciation of Tunisian culture.Further, it employs practices research ethics and inclusive representation,ensuring that a diversity of voices participate and benefit from theopportunities and revenue generated through tourism. The Cultural HeritageResearcher will work with our team to set the foundation for the development ofengaging, inclusive, and sustainable community-based cultural heritage tourismexperiences.


This short-termposition will bring knowledge of Tunisia’s cultural heritage and relationshipswith local scholars to draft key cultural heritage themes and researchquestions, while identifying gaps in current cultural heritage documentation.





1.      Maps cultural heritage researchinstitutions or organizations/agencies working with Tunisia’s cultural heritageat the national, regional, and local levels, covering both public sector andcivil society.

2.      Collects and summarizes existingdocumentation about Tunisia’s intangible cultural heritage.

3.      Prepares summary profiles ofcultural heritage (folklore, crafts, foodways, music, and dance) in each of thetarget geographic areas of the Visit Tunisia Activity.

4.      Provides research, documentation,and other information about Tunisia’s artisan sector to inform development offuture trainings and other activities to support the sector.

5.      Works with the Cultural HeritageTourism Program Manager to identify cultural themes and research questions foreach of the target geographic areas.

6.      Develops a research plan to fillgaps.

7.      Identifies tradition bearersrepresenting cultural heritage domains (folklore, crafts, foodways, music, anddance) in each of the target geographic areas.

8.      Participates in assessment trip toadvise on cultural heritage tourism development.


4.                QUALIFICATIONS


·        Minimum of 8 years of experience in conducting cultural heritageresearch and/or working in Tunisia’s cultural sector.

·        Master’s degree in ethnography, anthropology, or relatedfield.

·        Experience developing research plans.

·        Demonstrated experience working with cultural heritage as aliving and transforming practice.

·        Relevant experience working with communities.

·        Skilled at relationship management, with stronginterpersonal skills and commitment to research ethics.  

·        Fluent English. Arabic and/or French is required.


5.                REPORTING:


The CulturalHeritage Tourism Program Manager will report to the Chief of Party.


During the Period ofPerformance, key deliverables or outcomes will be:

§   Summary report mappingentities engaged in cultural heritage documentation, research, andpreservation.

§   Summary reports ofcultural heritage in each of the target geographic areas of Visit Tunisia,including list of tradition bearers in each location.

§   Research plan




Theduration of this short-term assignment will be up to 35 days to take place fromSeptember 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021.




Thisassignment will initially be performed remotely, with travel within theproject’s target geographic areas in Tunisia as pandemic restrictions allow.


8.                TO APPLY:


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